About Oleah Shoes

Designed by Women for Women

Classic silhouettes that are distinctly feminine and with a modern twist, our shoes  were designed to carry the modern woman through the demands of her day with confidence and style. Each design in the collection also includes subtle details that serve to flatter and elongate the look of a woman’s calves.

Obsessed with Comfort

We are proud of our focus on comfort in the shoe construction. Every element is scrutinised and calculated to ensure that the shoes are not only lovely to look at, but a delight to walk in as well.

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Passionate about Craftsmanship

Our collection is meticulously put together by master craftsmen in a factory in Europe which has honed its skills through generations. So you can expect beautiful design and uncompromised construction. Well-made shoes are better fitting and lasts longer.

Driven by Quality

Working with only the fine grade Italian leather and top quality parts and the partners we work with produce for the most coveted brands in the world. Our prices are unseen in the traditional luxury category yet we maintain the same level of service, quality and design.