Obsessed with Comfort

When constructing the shoes, our key focus is comfort. Every element is scrutinised and calculated to ensure that the shoes are not only lovely to look at, but a delight to walk in as well.

Extra Thick Insoles

Every shoe is fitted with a plush memory foam insole that is up to 6mm in thickness under the balls of the feet and heel. Memory foam is sensitive to pressure and moulds to the shape of the wearer’s feet over time.

Wider Toe Box

Most international brands are build based on a shoe last (mould) according to the average Western measurements. But we found that there are many women, especially Asian women have broader feet. Hence, these women end unknowingly compensating and buying shoes that are too big for them, in order to fit into the narrow cut shoes. Thus, many suffer from blisters/bunions and other feet problems.

Our shoe lasts have been customized according to our specific measurements with a broader toe box to prevent pinching.

Luxury Kid Lining

Only kid leather is used for the shoe lining. This is soft, malleable, extremely comfortable and very durable. A lot of shoe manufacturers may use genuine leather for the lining too, but not all leathers linings are created equal. Pig leather is very thin and tears easily after extended wear. The utilization of kid leather lining is the standard practice for luxury brands around the world. 

Fine Grade Leather

Sourced from Italy and Spain, the leather is durable, breathable and over time conforms to the shape of the wearer’s feet. So the more the shoes are worn, the more comfortable they become.