October is breast cancer awareness month.


In this blogpost, we feature Ms. Cheryl de Mello (@missycherldee) and share her story. On June 10 2021, Cheryl was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Cheryl is a 33 year-old single mom of 2 young girls. Self-described as a ‘one woman wolf pack’, she is determined to put up a fight to remember. 

So, as Cheryl locks horns with cancer, Oleah joined style makeover team, The Style Atelier (@thestyleatelier), to rally behind her to do what we do best. We celebrate the woman, her strength and her zest for life.

Going through cancer treatment is no easy feat, and it is easy to fall into depression as treatment pushes one to the edge physically, mentally and emotionally. Not to mention all the drastic and debilitating effects chemotherapy has on one's body. 

By styling Cheryl and her daughters for a makeover photography session, we hope to help this family capture these precious, significant moments. 


This is our special tribute to the women who have gone on this journey – your stories of resilience, courage and hope inspire us. We hope that by sharing and speaking more about breast cancer, we will raise the awareness of the struggles faced and be able to do more to support and empower those going through it.


Watch to the end for Cheryl’s grand reveal!

DM us the answers to the two questions below and get a special promo code for your purchases at our website (www.oleah.co) in Oct 2021!

1. How long did it take Cheryl to see a doctor after discovering the lump?

2. Name the two shoes worn by Cheryl during the makeover


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