woman in cafe in blue pleated skirt and blue suede shoes

Caring for Suede Shoes

A common misconception is that Suede is difficult to care for. Just like any other material, all you need are some basic tips to keep your Suede shoes looking pristine.

What is Suede?

Suede is leather made from the underside of an animal hide, thus giving it a soft touch and napped finish (the furry effect you feel when you touch it). High quality suede leather that is soft and luxurious to touch are often made from lamb or kid skin. 
Oleah horse hair suede brush
1. Remove dirt and dust after wear with a Suede brush

Brushes made of natural materials such as horse hair or goat hair are preferred as they are gentler on the leather as compared to synthetic materials. The brush hairs should be densely packed but soft to touch. How soft the suede brush should be depends on the texture of the Suede - the smoother and more delicate the Suede, the softer your brush should be to prevent damaging the leather.

A free horse hair suede brush is provided with every purchase of Suede shoes from Oleah.
What to do when your suede shoes get wet. Drying suede shoes
2. Dab dry excess moisture with paper towel and air-dry overnight

In case of rain or water spills, dab dry the affected areas with a paper towel and air-dry overnight. Do not use a hairdryer or sun-dry your shoes as  the concentrated heat from the hairdryer or prolonged sun may damage your shoes. Once the shoes are fully dried, brush over with the Suede brush and they will be ready to wear!
Oleah dust bags. One for each shoe
3. Store them in an enclosed area

Due to the napped finish of the leather, it is easy for mould to grow on the surface of the leather when exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time. Store your Suede shoes in an enclosed area or even better, in the dust bags and boxes that come along with each pair of Oleah shoes to protect them from humidity in the air.