Size Guide


To get the perfect fit

Our shoes are built according to standard EU sizing. We encourage everyone to measure your feet length according to our guide below, as sizing scales vary from one manufacturer to another. The correct size should feel snug and without any gap at the heel.

Measure your feet size 

1. Measure your length

  • Place your foot on a piece of paper and stand with both feet firmly on the ground.
  • Trace the outline of your foot with a slim pen/pencil. Ensure that the pen/pencil is perpendicular to the paper for most accurate results
  • Mark the tip of your longest toe to the tip of middle of your heel
  • Draw a straight line connecting these 2 points.
  • Measure this length


2. Measure your width

  • Using the same foot outline you drew earlier, mark the tip of the 2 widest points of your foot
  • Draw a straight line connecting these 2 points.
  • Measure this width

If your feet are of different lengths and sizes, it's recommended to get the shoe size according to your larger foot. Free size customization available. Please send us a photo of your drawing with the measurement via the chat function on your bottom right and we can guide you on your Oleah sizing

Shoe size conversion chart

Now that you have the length of your feet, you can refer to the corresponding shoe size in the chart. 
Still need help? Text us via the chat function below or book a virtual appointment with us today!
EUR US UK Length in mm
33 3 1 209-212
34 4 1.5 217-220
34.5 4.5 2 221-224
35 5 2.5 225-228
35.5 5.5 3 229-232
36 6 3.5 233-236
36.5 6.5 4 237-240
37 7 4.5 241-244
37.5 7.5 5 245-248
38 8 5.5 249-252
38.5 8.5 6 253-256
39 9 6.5 257-260
39.5 9.5 7 261-264
40 10 7.5 265-268
40.5 10.5 8 269-272
41 11 8.5 273-276
41.5 11.5 9 277-280
42 12 9.5 281-284


If we do not have a shoe in your exact size, we can customize an available size nearest to yours. This is a free service for regular price and some factory outlet items. 

Customization is done via leather insole pasting (to bring size down) or toe box expansion (to bring size up). 

For customers in Singapore, if your shoes get too loose or remain too tight to wear within 1 year, you can bring your shoes back to us at our popups or showroom to get your size adjusted.

For international customers, if you are still unsure on which size to purchase after chatting with us, you may order a few sizes, and get a refund for the sizes you return. 

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