International Women's Day 2021

The 8th of March 2021 is International Women's Day (IWD), it is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. 

We believe the  modern woman is like the everyday superwoman. She could be a wife, mother, lover, mentor, executive and more. She juggles these roles and the accompanying pressures seamlessly and tirelessly.  Yet she always comes out strong, producing beauty and value in her own life and those she touches.

This year the 2021 theme of International Women’s Day is “Choose to Challenge”A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.

In line with International Women’s day, we would like to celebrate the empowered woman through a series of images and short interviews of real women, our Oleah customers, on what this means to them. 


Meet Savitha

We were drawn to Savitha's down-to-earth and sincere nature and her deep desire to touch the lives of her patients as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Oleah-International Women's Day -Savitha

Image: Savitha is wearing Oleah's Scarlett Pumps.


How would you describe your fashion style?

I would define my fashion style as Elegant, Natural, and clean cut.

As a Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, having a deep understanding  of aesthetics, is fundamental, especially when our job entails the ability to reconstruct any part of the body affected by cancer, trauma or birth defects.

I was drawn to the specialty by virtue of its unique combination of science with an artistic finesse. I believe my fashion style reflects that.

I like my outfits to be feminine and well made, yet comfortable and practical , arising from my profession, which requires to me be on my feet for long hours and also constantly on the move. I also enjoy relating to people especially my patients and making them feel relaxed and comfortable around me. As such I am drawn to styles and colours that give a sense of grounding, warmth, strength and reliability.


What status quo would you “Choose to Challenge” or would like to see challenged in 2021? 

The status quo that I would like to challenge is " the unequal representation of women in all walks of life". In a modern country like Singapore, every talent must be harnessed and talented women must be engaged. Meritocracy is often compromised against women, due to the popular notion that " you cannot have it all, or that you cannot have your cake and eat it". 

I hope that women will strive and choose to have it all - family and career advancement and achievement without sacrificing or compromising personality, health and wellbeing.


Meet Jessica

The first thing that strikes you about Jessica is her confidence and charisma. So,  it is no surprise that this power lady is breaking glass ceilings in a typically male dominated industry, as Head of Field Sales and Route Development in a top supply chain MNC. 


Oleah Handcrafted - International Women's Day 2021 -Jessica


Image: Jessica is wearing Oleah's Alyssa pumps.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I like a timeless style that never goes out of fashion. My work style is professional chic and feminine while my weekend style is effortless casual in just -shirts and shorts. 


What status quo would you “Choose to Challenge” or would like to see challenged in 2021? 

I would definitely want to challenge myself to have more time for myself other than work. I'd like to set aside more time for exercise and healthier lifestyle (health is the new wealth) as well as to learn a new sports or learn something new. 


What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self or to a younger woman? 

A piece of advice I would like to give to a younger woman would be - Don't be afraid to fail. If you never try, you will never know the outcome or the results. Even if you have failed, you definitely gained an experience in your life!



Meet Xuan 

Xuan is a fashion maven who works in luxury retail industry. She is constantly experimenting and changing her looks but her style always remains put-together and drop-dead stylish!

Oleah Handcrafted - International Women's Day 2021 - Xuan


Image: Xuan is wearing Oleah's Viola in red.

How would you describe your fashion style?

My fashion style is quite whimsical and quirky. I like colours, patterns and textures, especially funky details like studs, polka dots, buttons, etc. And somehow depending on my mood or what I have in my wardrobe, I am able to put together a mixture of prints and details and pull it off in a style that many of my friends have come to identify as me or my personality. If it is a loud colour, they know it screams me. If it is a print on print or unique combination of colours that not many will normally put together, they know only I can pull it off. Perhaps it is my way of creating a personal identity for myself. 


What status quo would you “Choose to Challenge” or would like to see challenged in 2021? 

Life is a lifelong journey and Change is the only constant. I believe that everything can be improved and would like to believe that I am a better self than the day before.If there is something to be challenged in 2021, I would choose to challenge myself to be a better communicator. 

Communication is key to everything, both professionally and personally. Relationships make or break because of communication regardless of the years invested. I want to make sure that my intentions are clearly communicated with the right impact that I thought them out to be. I want to build stronger relationships through communicating both positive and negative intentions. I want to be brave enough to make a stand for matters that I believe in and for my own right.


What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self or to a younger woman?

Continue to be brave to chase your dreams and always believe that YOU are enough, you are SO MUCH MORE.