Hong Kong Meet to measure July 2024

Studio Pop up (by-appointment only)

Book an appointment between 21-25 July 2024 only via the Calendly widget below. Get your feet measured and check out your requested designs. No obligations to purchase anything.


Address 1:

Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Lounge Boardroom 22/F (West Tower)

1 North Point Estate Ln, North Point, Hong Kong

Meet up hours: 21 July 2024  | 1.30pm to 4pm only


Address 2:

Spaces - Hong Kong, Spaces Sun House Meeting room level 2

90 Connaught Rd Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Meet up hours: 22-25 July 2024  | 10.15am to 5pm only

Having problems booking an appointment? Chat with us at the bottom right hand corner or on social media and we will book it for you.


     Chat with us in the chat function on your bottom right to find out more.

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